And fiction begins

The year is 2047, the Borg have begun their take over of time itself.

The fight to avoid assimilation is on.  36 have already fallen to the…




Once the Borg assimilated the Cryptonian they learned how to trancent through time and dimensional space.  The next 36 dimensions fell fast until dimension 37.
Their Cryptonian was a little wiser.

This began the resistance to the BORG SUPERMAN WARS.

Humanity didn’t stand a chance against the Borg.

Each instance of the Borg incursion resulted in the fall of the dimension which was quick and swift.  Once they were able to get their hands on the Cryptonian from Dimension 001, the rest fell easy.  It wasn’t till Dimension 37 was able to hold a front, once they discovered what was happening.  And this brings us to today, trying to warn the other dimensions and formulating plans to stop it.


unique PFP’s

The Cryptonian from Dimension 37 fought hard to stay ahead of the assimilations.  Developing technology from Batman and professor X, before they were assimilated.

Dimensions 1-36 have been completely assimilated by the Borg, while bleak there is still hope for the remainder.


Dimensions 37-125 still have a chance.
Choose your PFP wisely, friend or foe, or both!





The Borg are a highly advanced and technologically sophisticated species that operate as a collective consciousness, with each member of the collective contributing to a greater whole. They are driven by a relentless pursuit of perfection, which they believe can only be achieved through assimilating other species and incorporating their unique characteristics into the Borg collective. This includes everything from their technological knowledge and biological attributes to their cultural practices and belief systems. By assimilating other species, the Borg aim to create a unified and homogenous civilization that operates according to their own values and principles.

The Borg are notorious for their ruthless tactics and complete disregard for the individuality and autonomy of other species. They view assimilation as a necessary and even compassionate act, as they believe that by bringing other species into the collective, they are liberating them from the constraints and limitations of their individual selves. However, this is a deeply flawed and dangerous philosophy, as it denies the fundamental importance of individuality, diversity, and free will. The Borg’s approach to assimilation is also deeply traumatic for those who are assimilated, as they are stripped of their identity, memories, and emotions, and forced to become mindless drones that serve the will of the collective.

Ultimately, the Borg’s quest for perfection and their belief in the superiority of their own culture and values make them one of the most dangerous and feared species in the galaxy. They have no respect for the autonomy or sovereignty of other species, and are willing to use any means necessary to achieve their goals. Their relentless pursuit of assimilation is a testament to their unwavering determination and dedication to their cause, but it also highlights the dangers of seeking perfection at the expense of individuality and diversity.


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